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Below are the results of the second mission, plus a lot of individual feedback which I feel will be useful. In general I'm happy to report that this mission produced a lot more positive results than the first mission, which is in-line with the experiences of remote viewers that have gone before us. It seems that the less hard information the viewer has, the more positive the results are.

The 2nd Mission

The 2nd mission elicited responses from 8 members. If you are a member who chose not to participate in this mission, I want to thank you for being a part of the experiment anyway.

The co-ordinates of 899.000 referred to the opening paragraph in the novel 'Dracula Cha Cha Cha' by Kim Newman. This is the 3rd book in Kim Newman's 'Anno Dracula' series. The books are set in a world where vampires exist and walk among the living in full view. Vampires have elevated themselves to positions of power and wealth within society, and although there are many tensions between the undead and the 'warm', in general vampires and humans co-exist reasonably peacefully. In the opening scene a young female vampire named Kate (whom the reader has known since the first Anno Dracula novel) is boarding a flight from London to Rome. The year is 1959, and one of her oldest human friends is close to death. She intends to visit him for one last time to say her goodbyes. I shall now reproduce the paragraph in its entirety:

Alitalia offered a special class for vampires, at the front of the aeroplane. The windows were shrouded against the sun with black curtains. It added to the cost. The warm could pay a supplement and share the space - none did on this flight - but Kate couldn't be seated in the main cabin at the lower fare. The airline assumed the undead were too wealthy to care, which was not in her case true.

The main points that I focused on when setting this mission where the thoughts of vampires and humans (the 'cold' and the 'warm'), the difference between the two species, but also of travelling by airplane, of movement across terrain, and also the sadness of Kate having to undertake a journey to see a dear friend in the last weeks of his life. The co-ordinates 899.000 were actually a question: Who is Kate, where is she going, how is she getting there, and how does she feel?

The Results

I will list each members experience, give individual feedback, and the summarise at the end.

Ryan Dughman (#8) reported: Contrast in sharp angles and curved surfaces. More angles than curves. Prominent colors are black, gray, and silver. Some other shiny colors or surfaces. Impression of fluid or flowing movement. Seems cooler than room temperature.

I thought was excellent and is an account that would not be out of place in book recounting the exploits of the Project Startgate members! Ryan picked up the shape of the airplane, the colours of the airplane (1950's airliners were predominantly silver in colour) and also the impression of the darkness of the cabin with the blacked out windows. There is the impression of movement and also the 'coolness' indicative of the vampires. Very impressive.

Lance Thomas (#2) reported: I have seen a bucolic scene in front of me with a lush forest bordering a body of water, which is probably a lake or a wide river. The air is crisp and clear as if a late Autumnal day. Beyond the forest are quite high and jagged mountains whose tops are covered in snow. The image is evocative of a place in Canada or Alaska but I cannot be sure. There are powerful pine scents mixed with cool air that is slightly moist from the river/lake. I am feeling relaxed and my soul expansive in thinking about this scene. There are no other people about, but I am very away of the animal life with a few birds in the near distance. Overall, a beautiful soporific scene that brings calm and inner peace.

Again we have the impression of coolness and the cold. Lance reports a sense of calm while in this scene. Perhaps the scene is a metaphor, or perhaps Lance is picking up on the idea of traveling over the Alps, a route that the airplane would have taken to arrive in Rome from London. What is encouraging about this report is the amount of detail that Lance is able to receive.

Dave Moses (#4) reported: First attempt: Swan turning into a swan/anchor piece of metal like a brass insignia of some kind. A talking cat (let me know it wanted a pat) 
Second attempt: I saw an old roadside market... like a fruitstand. The paint on it's storefront was peeling but the lettering didn't look english to me. In another image the sky appeared on fire, but it might have only been a sunset, the limbs of trees were silhouetted, stark and black (burned?).

I would interpret Dave's first attempt as a metaphor for Kate having once being human, and then having been turned into a vampire. The second attempt seems to predict Kate's destination. Rome in the 1950's was a mixture of the cool & continental sitting side-by-side with extreme poverty and the destruction brought about by World War 2. And the image of the sky on fire, remember that the plane was due to land in Rome at sunset. The silhouetted trees, black and burned, could represent the vampires, but would actually fit in with events that transpire in the novel.

Nik Taylor (#12) reported: The 899,00 experience was much more vivid, real and less comic strip. A little epic as well. Entrance into the state of viewing was always marked with a flying sensation, a kind of scenic sweep. This would always end in what I can only describe as a lush hilly area, not so much mountains and valleys but a little more understated. It was always very green; deep, dark greens. Heavy foliage/bushes. A sense of being untouched by human hands. I have no idea how that might match the target, but it was a great experience. Occasionally feeling like a fly-by over some lovely countryside on location with Lord of the Rings or Jurassic Park!

Again we have a great result. The overall feeling is one of flight which ties in perfectly with the actual target. In a similar manner to Lance, Nik also picks up the scenery that perhaps the airplane would have traveled over. I also like the phrase: untouched by human hands!

David McDonnell (#9) reported: I found myself in a street cafe in what seemed to be Morocco, there was a yellow convertible car and a piece of music being played by a street band that I could not identify, it sounded like it was from the 1920's or 30's.

I thought this was a very good report of the destination. The novel features a lot of action in and around Rome's 'cafe society'. The impression of Morocco is understandable. With the poverty and the affluence living side by side in 1950's Rome, the impression to our 21st Century eyes would have been more North African than European. I was also impressed with the impression of a convertible car - the books features a convertible Ferrari and a convertible Aston Martin.

Steve Murray (#10) reported: Mainly towers and particularly Paris, water wheel, Celtic cross monument or grave and most bizarrely a temple in the Sphinx in Egypt!

I'll take Paris as a near-miss for Rome! I was also impressed by the impressions of a grave, temple and the Sphinx - all images that have relevance for vampires and vampire folk-lore.

Mark Keeble (#3) reported: I found myself in Hawaii. The first thing I noticed were mountains covered in trees and there was a fly (possibly a dragon fly) buzzing around me. I then found myself in a cave and you were there. It got a bit hazy at this point but I remember you saying that I had to count all the bones and you said something along the lines of "There's tons of them".

Once more mountains featured heavily and to me this would indicate the Alps over which the airplane would have traveled. The cave with bones was quite remarkable as there is a scene in the book that applies absolutely to this. Kate, our hero, finds herself at one point in a cave surrounded by bones.

George Ladish (#5) reported: I couldn't get any details as far as scenery but I did see a man in a black suit of armor upon a gray horse. He rode up close to me, glanced down, and rode on.

This is actually very good. The vampire world in the Anno Dracula series is dominated by Dracula. He is seen very much as a relic of medieval times and still strides around in armor and rides a horse.

James Kennedy (#7) reported: I got an abandoned airfield with a few hangers in disrepair.

Obviously I don't need to state how spot on this is!

In summary I think that all respondents did very well. The overall feel when taking the reports as a whole is one of travel and movement, of the cold, and of mountains. All of this makes perfect sense. Individual reports then add all sorts of appropriate detail such as open-topped cars, caves of bones, cafes, and men in armour. All great and appropriate information.

Well done to you all!

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