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The third mission was noticeably different from the first two in that the members were asked not to use a progressive relaxation technique, but rather 'jump right in' - to simply close their eyes and go straight to the target. They were also offered three possible options that best described their experience. The actual target was a castle late at night, with a 'shadow' member observing the members as they approached.

The results from Mission 3 were very interesting indeed.

Firstly this was the first time you were asked to undertake the mission without using a progressive relaxation technique. This was also the first time you were given the option to make a drawing in you preferred, and to match your experience with 3 possible outcomes.

The results sent in were remarkably similar. Many of you seemed to have the same experience, which is fascinating.

Of the options offered to you, the deserted hotel was the most popular. The horror movie castle was the second most popular choice, with many of you being torn between the two. For some it seemed as though the dark castle and the run-down hotel were part of the same experience - they were the same location viewed from outside or inside.

Of all the replies, only one person chose the sunny suburban scene as their first choice, and only one person chose it as their second choice.

Most interesting of all is the fact that half of the respondents reported a feeling of being watched or followed, or that they themselves were acting in a voyeuristic way. Some reported a feeling of a figure always just out of eye shot, or a dark figure silently watching them. This is great because, unbeknownst to you all, there was a 'shadow' member whose job was to enter the vision and watch members as they arrived! I will elaborate on this at a later date as there are other experiments to be conducted, but I was most impressed with this element.

Out of the 12 members, 7 responded. 4 chose the deserted hotel as their number 1 choice, 2 chose the castle, and 1 chose the sunny suburban scene.

Of the second choices, 4 chose the castle, 2 the hotel, and 1 the suburban scene.

The actual target was a castle at night time with the 'shadow' member watching you approach from the battlements. In an interesting way I feel that the instruction for you to 'jump right in' without the use of a relaxation technique, encouraged you to quite literally jump right in and actually arrive directly inside the castle. Many descriptions of the hotel bore more similarity to the inside of a castle than a hotel - stone arches, long passageways, granite walls etc.

Very interesting stuff, and I feel it all bodes well. I will be compiling the PDF for you in the very near future and you will receive a copy in your email as soon as it is ready. Following this we will embark on mission 4 which will entail us predicting the outcome of a major sporting event!

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